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What’s So Funny: Ryan Reynolds Is Roasted By His Twin Brother

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  • Ryan Reynolds Is Roasted By His Twin Brother
    It turns out that Gordon Reynolds is a world-class a-hole. [GQ]

  • This App Does It All…Terribly
    Why use twelve good apps when you can use one shitty app? [CollegeHumor]

  • Top Ten Funniest Movie Moments
    “It’s just a flesh wound!” [via AV Club]

  • The Making Of “Madden 2016” Story Mode
    Thanks to advances in motion capture technology, you can really immerse yourself in all the exciting wife-beating drama! [Funny Or Die]

  • Watch A Supercut Of Almost 11 Minutes Of Adorable Puppies
    Life can get you down, so here, have some puppies. [Mashup Zone]