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What's So Funny: SNL's "White Christmas" Is The First Black Holiday Movie For A White Audience

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  • SNL Presents A Black Christmas Movie For White People
    "White Christmas" serves up all your favorite black movie trappings—women snapping peas, sassy grandmas with guns, guys wearing necklaces over turtlenecks—in a bright caucasian wrapper. [SNL]

  • Professor X Blackmails Storm
    If a certain weather-controlling mutant knows what's good for her, she'll make it nice 'n sunny for the Prof's big golf day. [Pete Holmes]

  • "A Christmas Story" Has Some Really Foul Language
    You knew Ralphie might've dropped an F-bomb, but it turns out that was only the beginning of him cursing up a blue streak.[Funny Or Die]

  • Kids Court With Andy Kindler: Pancake Sharing
    Kids are looking for some flapjack jurisprudence in Kids Court. It's breakfast served with a side of justice! [Nerdist]