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What’s So Funny: The iPhone 7 Is So Much Worse Than The iPhone 6

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  • The iPhone 7 Is So Much Worse Than The iPhone 6
    Now that they’ve removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7, look for the new iPad that is literally just the backs of two old iPads. [CollegeHumor]

  • A Women Tells Her Husband She’s Pregnant While Conan Pours Good Milk Down The Sink
    “This good fresh milk belongs in the sewer!” [ClickHole]

  • Maybe You’re Not An Introvert, You’re Just An A-Hole
    Real introverts wouldn’t need so many online listicles to support their jerk behavior. [via Cracked]

  • William Shatner’s Legacy Of Ridiculous Outtakes
    Whether it’s mispronouncing “sabotage” or bringing an audio engineer to tears, Shatner is a consummate pro. [via AV Club]

  • LEGO Captain America Vs. LEGO Iron Man
    It just makes sense that the Winter Soldier drives an itsy-bitsy smart car. [via Keshen8]