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What’s So Funny: The Trump/Clinton Debate Gets Songified With Blondie

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  • The Trump/Clinton Debate Gets Songified With Blondie
    The battle for the presidency sounds so much better when it’s auto-tuned and moderated by Debbie Harry. [Schmoyoho]

  • Judd Apatow &​ Chris Gerhard Commit “Career Suicide”
    Judd and Chris both have problems—Chris is in a downward spiral of dark depression and suicidal thoughts, while Judd hasn't been able to get to his Hawaiian condo at all. [Funny Or Die]

  • The “Stranger Things” 8-Bit Retro Game Is Totally '80s
    The only thing cuter than actual 11 is a pixel 11. [via io9]

  • A Complete History Of "The Simpsons" Selling Stuff
    It’s 42 minutes of Springfield’s first family shilling everything from Doritos to video games to, of course, Butterfingers. [via AV Club]

  • “Tommy Boy” Recut As An Oscar-Bait Drama
    Who knew that the same movie that gave us “fat guy in a little coat” could tug on our heartstrings as well? [CineFix]