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What's So Funny: Bad Lip Reading Reveals What Beyonce Actually Sang At President Obama's Inauguration

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Bad Lip Reading's Beyonce Inauguration Lip Sync
These are the words that best speak to our national pride: "I stroked your swine, his name was Rustyyyyyyy." []

The "Workaholics" Guys Reveal The Origin Of "Tight Butthole"
It's tough to write smart comedy for dumb characters, but sometimes it results in gems about bodily orifices. []

Lance Armstrong Croons Radiohead's "Creep"
When he sings "I'm a creep / I'm a weirdo," it's the truest thing Lance has ever said. []

Take Your Drag Mother To Werk Day
Three Buzzfeed editors got drag makeovers and then had to work the rest of the day in mile-high heels, teased wigs, and full drag makeup. []

If Alcohol Had Mascots Like Cereal
Their catchphrase might be, "It's grrrrrrrreat! [projectile vomits into toilet]." []

Funny Or Die's Leaked Coachella 2013 Poster
Man, "Vodka in a Water Bottle" is gonna have an AWESOME set this year. []