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What's So Funny: Conan Hosts The Nobel Peace Prize Concert

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  • Conan Hosts The Nobel Peace Prize Concert
    "Some of you may be wondering, why is the star of a comedy show honoring a Nobel Peace Prize winner? To those people I say, why is the star of a reality show the newly elected President of the United States?" [Nobel Peace Prize Concert]

  • Billy And Aziz On The Street
    "This is the golden age of television, it doesn't matter if anyone's watching it!" - Billy Eichner and Aziz Ansari get the word out about peak TV. [via Funny Or Die]

  • A Peas Of Monty Python History
    The internet unearthed rare footage of a 25-minute Monty Python-produced commercial for Birds Eyes Peas. [via Splitsider]

  • Wholesome Memes
    Unclench those Arthur fists and love and support this Twitter account. [Wholesome Memes]