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What's So Funny: Jesse Tyler Ferguson & George Takei's Cautionary Tale For Gays

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  • George Takei &​ Jesse Tyler Ferguson's Same-Sex Marriage PSA: "Gays Beware!"
    Be careful, everyone! The sick and disordered gay marriage-opponent could live anywhere, even right next door! [Funny Or Die]

  • Iron Man Meets His Most Fearsome Foe Yet: Organized Labor
    Best not cross that union picket, Tony. The Iron Workers' Local 383 is a vengeful lot. [UCB Comedy]

  • Look At Life Through The Eyes Of Morgan Freeman
    Man, who knew that Morgan was such a glutton at the craft service table? [College Humor]

  • Pete Holmes Explains Why He's Gay For Ryan Gosling
    It's not that he wants to have sex with him. No, Pete wants even more of him than that. [via Vulture]

  • The Jon Stewart vs. Donald Trump Beef Gets The Taiwanese Animation Treatment
    There are so many choice moments, but The Donald fuming atop a solid gold commode might be the best. [via Huffington Post]