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What's So Funny: How Manti Te'o Met Lennay Kekua

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Did You Know Manti Te'o Uses eHarmony?
Thanks to the popular dating site, Manti Te'o is in a completely real, totally verifiable relationship with an actual flesh and blood woman. []

Hail To The Movie Chief
President Obama is great, but how does he compare to President Morgan Freeman and other cinematic Commanders in Chief? []

Ice Cube's "It Was A Good Day" Interpreted By Cats
"I didn't even have to get spayed/ I gotta say it was a good day." []

Nick Kroll Gets Sketchy In "The Kroll Show"
Nick Kroll talks about his new show, his sports obsession, &​ Paul Scheer's Malibu bachelor party. []

"SNL": The Starbucks Verismo Brings Starbucks To You
Starbucks' new home coffee maker gives you the full Starbucks experience. Whether you like it or not. []

Needlessly Censored Kids Shows
A little suggestive black box, and suddenly "Tom &​ Jerry" turns unspeakably obscene. []