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What's So Funny: Larry David's Secret Project Isn't So Secret Anymore

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Can't Curb This Enthusiasm
Did you know that Larry David is making a movie for HBO? That he wrote and is starring in? And that it features an all-star cast including Danny McBride, Jon Hamm and Kate Hudson? Laughspin has everything that's currently known about this formerly hush-hush comedy project. []

Bruno Mars Is Man Enough To Wear Gold Boxers
Bruno Mars gets his James Bond on in a Funny Or Die music video that features the singer-songwriter arm wrestling, beating up bad guys, and totally owning a pick-up game of basketball against three pipsqueaks. Yes, he also wears gold boxers. []

Arrested Development: A Refresher
An all-new season of "Arrested Development" is currently taping, and is due out on Netflix sometime next year. So you have some time to study up on all the jokes, in-jokes, and callbacks to older jokes peppering the first three seasons. This Splitsider article will help with that. []

And The Emmy Award Goes To...
Parker Posey, for this hilarious video where she teaches a class of starry-eyed acting students the proper way to accept the coveted golden angel of televisual achievement. []

These Ewoks Will Haunt You
This music video combines action figures, the famous alien Teddy Bears from "Star Wars," and 90's Irish alterna-band The Cranberries. You will wake up screaming tonight if you watch this. Once awake, you may watch it again. []

Can You Find The Jellyfish?
Classic nerd webcomic XKCD blows minds with this simple three panel strip that is much more than it seems. There's an X-Wing fighter hidden in there somewhere. []