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What's So Funny: Maria Bamford Is In "Arrested Development"

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The Maria Bamford Interview
The veteran comedian talks about her favorite comedy album, the early days of the alternative comedy scene in L.A., and her hush-hush role in the new season of "Arrested Development." []

Maternal Martial Arts
Dropped birthday cupcakes set off a mom-on-mom melee. []

Janeane Garofalo's Secret Marriage
During a recent reunion of all the creative forces behind "The Ben Stiller Show," Janeane Garofalo admitted that she married one of the show's writers on a lark in Vegas twenty years ago. She just got it annulled. []

Nick Offerman's Master 'Stache Class
Here are some tips for maintaining your mustache during "Movember", the cancer charity that asks men to grow lip curtains all through the month of November. []

The Petraeus Affair Explained
The confusing details of the sex scandal rocking Washington is given the Taiwanese animation treatment. []

Who Uses Twitter?
According to this accurate graphic, "humble braggarts" love the popular social media site. []