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What's So Funny: T.J. Miller's Stand-Up Improv

Team Coco's "What's So Funny" -- your source for breaking news that answers the questions "Is this thing on?", "What's the deal with airports?" and "Anyone here from out of town?"

  • T.J. Miller's Insane Improvised Stand-Up Set
    TJ had to craft his jokes based on random prompts, like sexual mom tweets, tickling, and something called a pre-emptive stork. [Nerdist]

  • Reggie Watts Rick-Rolls Rick-Rolling
    Reggie takes Rick Astley's immortal song, keeps the denim outfits, and adds 50 pounds of gibberish. [JASH]

  • Sean Combs Joins "Downton Abbey"
    Or, as P Diddy likes to call it, "Downtown Abbey." [FunnyOrDie] - NSFW

  • Lonely Island's New Song "Diaper Money" Is Full Of Grown-Up Bling
    How can you tell if you're a baller AND a responsible adult? You can afford them expensive diapers, no problem. [via Huffington Post] - NSFW