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Follow Conan's Trip To Berlin On Instagram

Conan has taken over the Team Coco Instagram account and is cataloguing his trip to Berlin, Germany. Follow #ConanBerlin with @teamcoco on Instagram and check out highlights from his trip below:

"I'm going to Berlin and I'm taking my Instagram account with me."

"Just arrived in Berlin. Standing in front of my Airbnb."

"Five minutes at a Berlin flea market and I fit right in."

"No one, except my dermatologist, can prove this is me."

"Just made authentic bratwurst with a mad genius."

"Grabbing lunch with Flula in Berlin. He is very enthusiastic."

"Today I make my German soap opera debut on Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten. Or maybe this is a restaurant."

"About to drive extremely fast on the Autobahn just as soon as I figure out how to close the door."

"Andy &​ I learned the traditional Bavarian Schuhplattler dance. There were no survivors."

"If you're in Berlin tomorrow night, September 8, please come by and say hello, I'm making a guest appearance with Sado Opera and DJ Adam Aalias at Wilde Renate. Doors open at 19, show over by 24H. See you there!"

"Flula showed me Berlin on a bicycle built for two. I am happy. Flula is ecstatic."

"Hanging at the remnants of the Berlin Wall."

"Flula &​ I visited a nude beach just outside Berlin. I am unhappy."

"Andy agrees that this East German Trabant, which runs on walnut shells, puts my '92 Ford Taurus to shame."

"Just made friends with refugees at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. Gentlemen, we have our album cover."

"About to perform with the band Sado Opera. No, this is not a Renaissance painting."

"Just landed in LA. I made so many friends in Berlin that I mastered the language."