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Have you spotted an "error" on CONAN?

Make a video explaining our alleged screwup. Then upload it here, and see if you've got what it takes to make chumpmeat out of the maestro.

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  1. Fan Correction: Those Toilets Aren't In Sochi!

    Jamie Pena & Chris Hall think Conan made a geographic error, but Conan sends them to the gulag.

  2. Fan Correction: Admiral Ackbar Isn't Pronounced Like That!

    Stephen Smoot thinks Conan mispronounced a "Star Wars" character, but Stephen fell right into Conan's trap.

  3. Fan Correction: "Smokey The Bear" Isn't His Name!

    WildfireWillie thinks Conan made a big boo-boo, but Conan puts Willie's feet to the fire.

  4. Fan Correction: Emily Dickens Isn't A Poet!

    Tom Knolls thinks Conan got his poets mixed up, but Conan shows him that he's made a dickens of a mistake.

  5. Fan Correction: Al Pacino Died In "Scarface!"

    Jay & Rob think that Conan's made a killer mistake, but he's got indisputable evidence that they're dead wrong.

  6. Fan Correction: You Held John Legend's Album Upside Down!

    Jason Barlon thinks Conan should've checked his direction, but Conan flips the script on him.

  7. Fan Correction: It's Not 90 Feet From The Pitcher's Mound To Home Plate!

    If there are two people who know America's past time, it's Conan and Adam Scott.

  8. Fan Correction: Conan Used A Pasta Roller Before!

    Joey Gialombardo thinks Conan needs to own up to his pasta past, but Conan gives Joey his just deserts.

  9. Fan Correction: iPhone 3GS Can't Upgrade To iOS 7!

    4893McLovin thinks Conan made an upgrade error, but it's McLovin who's made a huge iMistake.

  10. Fan Correction: "The Goonies" Isn't 70 Years Old!

    Fans Jamie & Brian think they've got him in a bind, but Conan's got the original version to back him up.

  11. Fan Correction: That's Not What Rhubarb Looks Like!

    Gardener Martin thinks we got our greens mixed up, but Conan shows that his rhubarb was 100% bonafide.

  12. Fan Correction: Buzz Aldrin Admits To History's Greatest Prank

    CONAN Highlight: AnimationB thinks Conan mistook moonwalkers, but he's got Colonel Aldrin in his corner.

  13. Fan Correction: There Were Two Royal Babies On Screen!

    TheDarkMiasma thinks Conan made an imperial error, but Conan tells him to look closer.

  14. Fan Correction: That's Not Popeye's Catchphrase!

    Ryann thinks Conan bungled the spinachy sailor's motto, but Conan's got it in black and white.

  15. Fan Correction: That's Not How You Say "Juggernaut!"

    Shannon thinks Conan mispronounced the name of the X-Men villain, but she needs to quit her kvetching.

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