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Extra Photos & Videos From Our Fan's Mardi Gras Trip!

Our Fan Correspondent John met more people and did more killer things at Mardi Gras than we could fit on our show! Click right here (or the image above with John &​ Questlove from The Roots) to see even more great photos!

John also managed to send us some videos from his phone while he was in Mardi Gras... Don't judge him. It was Mardi Gras. ;)

The first video John sent us was this little sideways beauty, with the caption "We are in a fan boat on the swamp. That was shot ten minutes before we saw a pair of gators and 15 minutes before it started raining and we were sent back."

John sent us this dark and shaky shot from the parade with this nearly incoherent caption: "This is The Endymion Krewe rolling deep!!!" (Clearly, the jager was already starting to kick in).

Having moved down to ground level, John sent us his final Mardi Gras video late Saturday night. All the email said was "Yes, that is THE Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa." We're pretty sure that John had no idea where he was at this point.

...And that about wraps it up! John, from all of us here at Team Coco, thank you for being such a great representitive down South!! You did an awesome job, and we hope you had a lot of fun... Wait, we KNOW you had a lot of fun, because you missed your plane!! Well done, friend. Well done. We're glad you made it back in one piece! :)