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The Smithsonian. The Louvre. The Mütter. What do all of these museums have in common? Easy: None of them have enough sweet Coco. Enter The Museum Of Conan Art -- a museum FOR the people and BY the people. So whether you're a painter, sketch artist, sculptor, or a Photoshop pixel-pusher, we want to see your Team Coco themed artwork. With a bit of luck, it might end up backstage in the "Conan" Green Room. Thank you, and good luck!

The Incredible Conan's Intro Dance of RAGE!
"The Incredible Conan's Intro Dance of RAGE! " by CoolWillyB

Issue #818 of The Incredible Conan comic book -Conan's introduction dance goes horribly off-script! First appearance of the Richter Scale (who plays heavily in later issues as Conan's arch nemesis)!