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Triumph Snubbed: No Justice, No Poop!

"Hugo" Director Martin Scorcese might have been miffed that Blackie the dog was passed over for Dog News Daily's "Golden Collar Awards", but if you ask us, that's NOTHING compared to our own Triumph The Insult Comic Dog getting snubbed! Team Coco, let's come together to right this injustice! How?
  1. Head over to the Dog News Daily Facebook Page
  2. Post a comment nominating Triumph The Insult Comic Dog! No Justice, No Poop!
  3. Watch sweet destiny unfold...

Need reasons to justify your nomination? Look no further:

Triumph's performance at Occupy Wall Street was astonishing. [Watch Here] In full reporter mode, Triumph asked all the tough questions, including whether the occupants were protesting the high price of Scooby snacks.

Then he showed incredible range in going undercover as Geraldo to attract Wall Street brokers.

Finally, he transformed himself into a giant in molesting the Wall Street Bull.

So what are you waiting for? Click Here To Nominate Triumph For The Golden Collar Awards