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GIFs: Louis C.K. Hates Twitter

This week, Louis C.K. returns to #ConanNYC. Get prepped for the big day by rewatching his epic Twitter rant from CONAN's last trip to the Big Apple - in GIFs!
Back in 2011, Louis C.K. signed up for a Twitter account...
...and he kind of hated it.
In fact, he thought it was awful...
...and was very honest about his Twitter agenda.
Louis wasn't there to make friends...
...and he didn't.
He pointed out that just because you CAN have a Twitter, doesn't mean you should...
...because life isn't meant to be lived from behind a screen.
And if Jesus ever comes back...
...Louis KNOWS everyone will just be "twittering..."
...and totally miss the whole thing.
Find out what else Louis hates and why he quit the internet.

Watch #ConanNYC staring 10/31 on TBS at 11/10c.