Show Schedule

November 8 - November 11, 2010

  1. Monday, November 8: Episode #0001

    • Arlene Wagner

      You clicked and we listened! Who will be the poll winner: The Pope? The Sultan Of Brunei? Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Gerhard Ertl? WATCH AND FIND OUT!

    • Seth Rogen

      Seth Rogen goes to war with a fratty Zac Efron in "The Neighbors." It's like the Hatfields versus the McCoys, except much funnier and exceedingly more handsome.

    • Lea Michele

      You can see this Emmy and Golden Globe nominated actress each week as Rachel Berry on the smash hit TV show, "Glee!"

    • Jack White

      Our pal Jack White's new album is Lazaretto, which is an old-time quarantine station for maritime travellers. Jack White: musical genius AND very informative!

  2. Tuesday, November 9: Episode #0002

    • Tom Hanks

      Tom Hanks plays Walt Disney in "Saving Mr. Banks" Tom Hanks playing Walt Disney is like the human equivalent of putting peanut butter in chocolate: WIN-WIN.

    • Jack McBrayer

      It's the last season for Jack McBrayer on "30 Rock." Let's hope Kenneth the Page is running Kabletown by the final episode.

    • Soundgarden

      This legendary and highly influential Seattle-born multi-Grammy Award winning rock group is back to rock us all with a track off their new album "Telephantasm!"

  3. Wednesday, November 10: Episode #0003

    • Jon Hamm

      Jon Hamm stars in "Mad Men" & "Friends with Kids." We love him but we're always secretly bummed that Jon doesn't actually live in 1960s Manhattan. We see him with an iPhone & the illusion is ruined!

    • Charlyne Yi

      If you think about it, Charlyne Yi is like if an adorable kitty-cat and an awkward shrug had a baby and then launched it into the comedy world.

    • Fistful of Mercy

      This supercool rock n roll supergroup consists of Dhani Harrison, Joseph Arthur, and Ben Harper - who will be stopping by to rock us out with a slice of their new album "Fistful of Mercy"!

  4. Thursday, November 11: Episode #0004

    • Michael Cera

      He's starred on the hit show "Arrested Development" and in such films as "Superbad", "Juno", and "Scott Pilgrim vs The World"!  The awesome and hilarious... MICHAEL CERA!!

    • Julie Bowen

      "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen is both incredibly funny and very beautiful. Way to make it harder for the rest of us, Julie.

    • Jon Dore

      The hilarious Jon Dore was one of the first comedians we featured on CONAN. We hope he doesn't mind we've been seeing other comedians.