Show Schedule

November 15 - November 18, 2010

  1. Monday, November 15: Episode #0005

    • LL Cool J

      LL Cool J stars in the very cool "NCIS: Los Angeles" . We think if we have to type any more initials, we might need CPR. Wait, hold on...

    • BJ Novak

      He plays Dunder Mifflin employee Ryan Howard on the hit NBC show "The Office", and he's also known for starting a bit of a Cadbury Egg controversy on a previous Conan appearance! What's gonna happen the next time he stops by?! Tune in and find out!

    • Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings

      The incredible Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings have a new album called Give the People What They Want. We just polled The People and they all agree: more Sharon Jones, please.

  2. Tuesday, November 16: Episode #0006

    • Harrison Ford

      Harrison Ford shaves his head to play Jock Goddard in "Paranoia." Only Harrison can sport a smooth dome and a name like Jock and still be a badass.

    • Rosario Dawson

      "Cesar Chavez" star Rosario Dawson is one of our absolute favorite native New Yorkers, right next to Fiorello LaGuardia & Big Bird.

    • Reggie Watts

      Our pal Reggie Watts has a very distinctive head of hair. While it makes him a very funny comedian, it would probably make him the WORST spy ever.

  3. Wednesday, November 17: Episode #0007

    • Russell Brand

      We can only assume that Russell Brand's "Brand X" is the only talk show with a budget set aside for bangly bracelets, snakeskin belts and ultra-skinny jeans for the host. Other than Regis' old show, we mean.

    • Susan Casey

      The sea is a harsh mistress - and no one knows that better than New York Times bestselling author Susan Casey, who's written a fascinating book about colossal, ship-swallowing rogue waves and the extreme surfers who seek them out: "The Wave: In Pursuit of the Rogues, Freaks, and Giants of The Ocean"!

    • The 88

      LA indie rockers "The 88" will be rocking us with a slice off their self titled album!

  4. Thursday, November 18: Episode #0008

    • Jesse Eisenberg

      Jesse Eisenberg stars in "Now You See Me" as a bank-robbing illusionist. What a blatant misuse of magic; hopefully Harry Potter & the Aurors will see to them.

    • Venus Williams

      She's one of the greatest female tennis players to ever play the game, with 21 grand slam titles to her name - she's also teaming up with EA Sports to challenge Americans to get active through the President's Active Lifestyle Awards program!

    • The Decemberists

      This indie rock band from Portland, Oregon infuses a strong pop sense with an irreverent sense of humor - you know them from such hits as "O Valencia!", "16 Military Wives" and "Billy Liar"! The Decembertists will be joined by special guest, Gillian Welch.