Show Schedule

November 22 - November 25, 2010

  1. Monday, November 22: Episode #0009

    • Christina Aguilera

      Multi Grammy Award winning superstar Christina Aguilera will not only be blowing our minds as musical guest, but she will also be joining us on the couch to talk about her new movie “Burlesque”; Two times the Aguilera, two times the awesome!

    • Zachary Levi

      He’s the star of Chuck – and will voice the romantic lead "Flynn Ryder" in the new Disney animated movie “Tangled” - Zachary Levi will be joining us (Fun Fact: “Chuck” is taped only a few buildings away from us here on the Warner Bros Lot!)

  2. Tuesday, November 23: Episode #0010

    • Christina Applegate

      Christina Applegate returns as Veronica Corningstone in "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues." As Ron Burgundy would say, she's the smelly pirate hooker of our hearts.

    • Jesse Tyler Ferguson

      There's gonna be two redheads on stage & here's a simple way to tell them apart: One is a Broadway fanatic who can't stop humming showtunes & the other is Jesse Tyler Ferguson from "Modern Family."

    • Maroon 5

      Get ready to rock as Maroon 5 breaks off a track from their new album, Hands All Over!

  3. Wednesday, November 24: Episode #0011

    • Eva Mendes

      Eva Mendes stars in "The Place Beyond The Pines," along with Ryan Gosling & Bradley Cooper. God, what a collection of hideously ugly actors; good luck trying to get people to watch those ogres.

    • Bob Saget

      Bob Saget's new book is Dirty Daddy:The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian, a sweetly vulgar look at his life. Buy it for the filthy father in your life!

    • Neon Trees

      Neon Tree’s new album is Picture Show. Did you know the band's name is inspired by the famous neon logo for In 'n Out Burger? Much better inspiration than our band, ATM Inside.

  4. Thursday, November 25: Episode #0012

    • Jim Parsons

      Jim Parson tapes "The Big Bang Theory" right next door to our studio. Nerds aren't the most physical people, though, so we might still have to send a car.

    • Marisa Miller

      The beautiful Marisa Miller stops by to talk to us about her new line of surfboards. Yeah, you probably stopped reading after "Marisa Miller," didn't you?

    • Brendon Walsh

      Comedian Brendon Walsh is dropping to wow the crowd with his hilarious stand up comedy - and you can find more sweet Walshy goodness on Twitter or at his website.