Show Schedule

December 6 - December 9, 2010

  1. Monday, December 6: Episode #0017

    • Nicole Kidman

      From the new movie "Rabbit Hole", Academy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman will be stopping by!

    • Charlie Day

      Charlie Day stars in "Pacific Rim." as a scientific expert on giant monsters. Which is a natural transition from Green Man, of course.

    • Lauren Pritchard

      Tennessee born singer Lauren Pritchard will join us to play a track off her debut album Wasted in Jackson!

  2. Tuesday, December 7: Episode #0018

    • Rainn Wilson

      This is Rainn Wilson's last season on "The Office". Steal as many office supplies as you can, Rainn! Only suckers buy their own pens.

    • Roberta Mancino

      Voted the sexiest female athlete by Men's Fitness, this Italian beauty is a world record skydiver with over 6000 jumps to her name - as well as four naked ones! (Just typing that makes us shiver). Roberta Mancino will be joining us!

    • Christina Perri

      Philly's own Christina Perri will be joining us to soothe our savage audience with some pop stylings off her new EP The Ocean Way Sessions!

  3. Wednesday, December 8: Episode #0019

    • Ray Romano

      Ray Romano stars in "Parenthood," or as he might call it "Everyone Has Issues With Their Family."

    • Arianna Huffington

      Co-founder and editor-in-chief of the massively popular Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington will stop by to talk about her latest book, "Third World America: How Our Politicians Are Abandoning the Middle Class and Betraying the American Dream"!

    • The LXD

      Members from the popular web series "The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers" (or The LXD for short) will be performing some fantastic dance fight choreography from their show!


  4. Thursday, December 9: Episode #0020

    • Sarah Silverman

      If there's one comedian who knows the skillful art of cleverly deployed swear words, it's Sarah Silverman. This f-bomb is for you, Sarah!

    • Dr. Michio Kaku

      Host of Sci Fi Science on Science Channel and a professor of theorectical physics specializing in string theory at the City University of New York, Dr. Michio Kaku will stop by to blow our minds with physics!

    • She & Him

      The enchanting She & Him's new album Volume 3 is out now. It's pronoun-riffic!