Show Schedule

February 7 - February 10, 2011

  1. Monday, February 7: Episode #0045

    • Jeff Bridges

      Academy Award winning actor Jeff Bridges will be here! His films “True Grit” and “Tron: Legacy” are in theaters now.

    • Nick Swardson

      Nick Swardson stars in "Grown Ups 2." It's still weird to see Nick's name anywhere near the phrase "grown up."

    • Far East Movement

      Their album Free Wired is available now, the hip-hop hit-makers Far East Movement will perform.

  2. Tuesday, February 8: Episode #0046

    • Craig Ferguson

      The very funny comedian and host of "The Late Late Show," our friend Craig Ferguson will be here.

    • Kevin Hart

      Kevin Hart stars in "Think Like A Man Too." We're a little sad that it isn't called "2 Think 2 Man."

    • RED

      Their new album Until We Have Faces is available in stores now--hard rockers "RED" will be here.

  3. Wednesday, February 9: Episode #0047

    • 50 Cent

      The hip-hop mogul and entrepreneur will be stopping by to tell Conan about his newest business venture, the “Sleek by 50” headphone

    • Chris Elliott

      Chris Elliott stars in the hilarious and cartoonishly violent "Eagleheart," Coincidentally enough, hilarious and cartoonishly violent also describe our dancing style.

    • Ray LaMontagne

      The acclaimed folk singer-songwriter will perform a song from his new album God Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise

  4. Thursday, February 10: Episode #0048

    • Seth MacFarlane

      "Ted" director Seth McFarlane is hosting the Oscars. What's the over-under on Stewie appearing and making fun of Steven Spielberg?

    • Brooklyn Decker

      The gorgeous Brookyln Decker stars in the big screen adaptation of "Battleship". We don’t own a battleship, but she is welcome to sink our 1996 Toyota Corolla anytime.

    • Dana Gould

      The hilarious Dana Gould was a writer on "The Simpsons" just like Conan was. We wanna start a Kickstarter to commission them to write The Funniest "Simpsons" Episode Ever. Can we borrow 5 bucks first?