Show Schedule

February 14 - February 17, 2011

  1. Monday, February 14: Episode #0049

    • Justin Bieber

      The world-wide pop sensation Justin Bieber will be here to tell Conan all about his life, his music, and his new movie "Never Say Never," in theaters now!

    • Claire Smith

      Our friend, Molecular Mixologist Claire Smith, can whip up some crazy drinks using the weirdest techniques. Our mixology skills usually tap out around "open can of PBR" and "drink can of PBR."

    • The Black Keys

      Awesome blues-rock duo The Black Keys will be here playing a song from their record Brothers.

  2. Tuesday, February 15: Episode #0050

    • Dr. Phil McGraw

      Dr. Phil has helped out thousands of people with his no-nonsense diagnoses. Meanwhile, our show has a strict all-nonsense policy. We smell trouble!

    • Ginnifer Goodwin

      The talented actress from HBO's "Big Love", Ginnifer Goodwin will be here. The final season of "Big Love" airs Sunday night's at 9PM on HBO.

    • Jump City: Seattle

      Performers Brian 'NoSole' Orosco, Levi Meeuwenberg, Caine Sinclair, and Michael 'Frosti' Zernow from the new show "Jump City: Seattle" will do an exciting Parkour demonstration for the "Conan" audience.

  3. Wednesday, February 16: Episode #0051

    • Martin Lawrence

      Comedian and Actor Martin Lawrence will be here chatting it up with Conan!  His new movie "Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son" opens Feb 18.

    • Fred Armisen

      Fred Armisen loves to poke gentle fun at the Pacific Northwest in "Portlandia." Sadly, our wry take on the Midwest, ColumbusOhiostan has yet to take off.

    • Reggie Watts

      Our pal Reggie Watts has a very distinctive head of hair. While it makes him a very funny comedian, it would probably make him the WORST spy ever.

  4. Thursday, February 17: Episode #0052

    • Martin Short

      Martin Short has given the world Ed Grimley, Ned Nederlander, & Jiminy Glick. As far as we're concerned, he's as big a hero as Jonas Salk, only with less needles.

    • Chris Bosh

      Chris Bosh just won his second NBA championship with the Miami Heat. You can just call him Bosh 2.0.

    • Nicole Atkins

      Nicole Atkins, the soulful rock singer-songwriter from New Jersey, will perform a song from her new record "Mondo Amore," now available in stores.