Show Schedule

July 25 - July 28, 2011

  1. Monday, July 25: 0119

    • Emma Stone

      The beautiful Emma Stone stop by to talk about her new movie "The Help." Emma's dropped her ginger locks and gone back to blonde, but don't worry there'll still be at least one hot redhead on stage.

    • Jon Benjamin

      Jon Benjamin has a show, "Jon Benjamin Has a Van," on Comedy Central. We'd say the title is a little on the nose, but we're on show called "Conan" starring Conan O'Brien, so we've got no room to talk.

    • KT Tunstall

      Our Conan Summer Series continues as KT Tunstall takes the stage. Check out her latest album Tiger Suit on sale now

  2. Tuesday, July 26: 0120

    • Adrian Grenier

      Adrian is here to talk about the final season of "Entourage". Part of us wishes he were here to promote the final movie in the Aquaman trilogy, "Aquaman 3: The Re-Fishening." Adrian supports: Toph Daddy Designs: Support AOK and AOK.

    • Tom Felton

      Tom Felton stars in "In Secret", a thriller based on a 19th century French novel by Emile Zola. You know, THAT old Hollywood stand-by.

    • Steve Byrne

      The hilarious Steve Byrne is half Irish and half Korean. You can fill in your own potatoes and kimchi joke here.

  3. Wednesday, July 27: 0121

    • Kevin Connolly

      Kevin Connolly stops by to talk about the last season of "Entourage." Turtle is already asking to sleep on our couch.

    • Jeff Lewis

      From "Flipping Out", everyone's favorite OCD designer stops by to chat. We're already prepping to get his coffee at exactly 140 degrees when he arrives.

    • Funeral Party

      For band named after a deathy get-together, they've got some pretty upbeat songs. Watch them play from their new album, The Golden Age of Knowhere

  4. Thursday, July 28: 0122

    • Jon Favreau

      Jon Favreau directed, co-produced, wrote and starred in "Chef." The only thing he didn't do in it, ironically, is cater it.

    • Jayma Mays

      We usually like to reserve this adjective for babies and kittens playing in a bucket of string, but Jayma Mays from "The Smurfs" is breathtakingly adorable.

    • Brett Dennen

      Noted redhead folker Brett Dennen stops by to play a song from his new album, Loverboy. We love it when the show has dual overhead gingers.