Show Schedule

August 8 - August 11, 2011

  1. Monday, August 8: 0127

    • Piers Morgan

      Irascible Brit Piers Morgan asks the tough questions on “Piers Morgan Tonight.” The toughest question we get asked is usually “Do we want to super-size that?” And our answer is always yes, yes, yes!

    • JB Smoove

      J.B. Smoove stars in "The Millers" which, we must inform you, is NOT about a cheery family of breadmakers NOR bottles of beer that can talk and move.

    • Imelda May

      Bonnie Irish lass Imelda May stops by to play a song from her album, Mayhem. Not to be confused with bonnie Irish lass, Conan, who hosts the show.

  2. Tuesday, August 9: 0128

    • James Franco

      In "Homefront", James Franco plays an evil meth kingpin called Gator. Man, Andy is going to be crushed that he didn't get that part.

    • Nick Swardson

      Nick Swardson stars in "Grown Ups 2." It's still weird to see Nick's name anywhere near the phrase "grown up."

  3. Wednesday, August 10: 0129

    • Aziz Ansari

      "Parks and Recreation"star Aziz Ansari once sang "Kiss From a Rose" on our show. We're dying to see what 90s song he has this time. "Waterfalls?" "The Sign?" We're on tenterhooks!

    • Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino

      This season, the "Jersey Shore" crew goes to Italy to "re-discover their roots." Which we think is the same excuse they gave to Lucky Luciano when he was deported.

    • Nate Bargatze

      The hilarious Nate Bargatze's name is an anagram for "Zebra Ate Tang." Coincidentally, our power animal has always been a zebra gently sipping the astronaut's drink of choice.

  4. Thursday, August 11: 0130

    • Denis Leary

      He starred in the "Amazing Spider-Man" and now Denis Leary reprises his role as a sabertooth tiger in "Ice Age: Continental Drift.." Who knew it’d be such an animal-intensive summer for Denis this year?

    • Sheamus

      Though they're both pale-skinned, ginger Irishmen, there are subtle but crucial differences between Sheamus & Conan. Catch "WWE Tribute to the Troops" on Dec. 19 on USA and Dec. 22 on NBC.

    • Keb Mo

      Keb Mo's got a brand new album, The Reflection in stores now! He drops by to play the blues, though, ironically, a new Keb Mo album gives us the opposite of the blues.