Show Schedule

August 15 - August 18, 2011

  1. Monday, August 15: 0131

    • Kathy Griffin

      Kathy Griffin has a new talk show on Bravo called "Kathy." We're a little sad that it doesn't have a 70's-style exclamation point at the end of it, like "Kathy!" It worked for Dinah Shore!

    • Christopher Mintz-Plasse

      Christopher Mintz-Plasse goes from "McLovin" to vampire hunter extraordinaire in the new "Fright Night". We can't wait for Jonah Hill to become a zombie killing machine just to keep up.

    • Trombone Shorty

      Say That to Say This is the new album from trombone and trumpet whiz Trombone Shorty. Poor LaBamba is going to be heartbroken when he finds out that his rap name has already been taken.

  2. Tuesday, August 16: 0132

    • Anne Hathaway

      Oscar nominee Anne Hathaway has starved in the streets of France and looted the mansions of Gotham City, but CONAN fans know her best as an accomplished rapper.

    • Jason Momoa

      If we ask Jason Momoa nicely, do you think "The Red Road" star will call us his sun and moon? Or will he just pour molten gold on our head?

    • Sean O'Connor

      The very funny Sean O'Connor returns to Conan. O'Connor, O'Brien--man, if the show gets any more Irish, we'll have to replace La Bamba with a pile of corned beef.

  3. Wednesday, August 17: 0133

    • Paul Rudd

      Paul Rudd is in Georgia filming "Anchorman 2," so booking him was easy. We just left a trail of "Sex Panther" cologne from his set to our stage.

    • Jessica Chastain

      Jessica Chastain plays the young version of Helen Mirren in the new thriller, "The Debt." Man, if you've got to get older, you should be so lucky as to age into Helen Mirren. With our luck, we'll age into Mamie Eisenhower.

    • Vanessa Carlton

      Vanessa Carlton drops by to play a song off her new album, Rabbits on the Run. We are unashamed to admit that we still totally rock out to "A Thousand Miles" in the car.

  4. Thursday, August 18: 0134

    • Louis C.K.

      His show is called "Louie", his first sitcom was called "Lucky Louie," so by this calculus, expect Louis C.K. to release his new fragrance "Louis!" any second now.

    • Jim Sturgess

      Jim Sturgess starred in a musical based on the Beatles catalogue, and now he's romancing Anne Hathaway in "One Day." If your next movie involves fighter pilots battling dinorsaurs, we'll know that you're stealing from our dream diary, Jim Sturgess!

    • Hugh Moore

      He's a writer on the new Fox sketch comedy show "In The Flow With Affion Crockett." but please: don't mention the obvious pun in Hugh Moore's name and being a comedy writer. Low-hanging fruit, people!