Show Schedule

September 5 - September 8, 2011

  1. Monday, September 5: Episode #0093 (Originally Broadcast 05/17/11)

    • Norm Macdonald

      We love our friend Norm Macdonald because he's so unpredictable. That's also why we're a little scared too.

    • Todd Phillips

      Director of instant comedy classics like "Road Trip," "Old School," and "The Hangover" Todd Phillips brings us the laughs again with "The Hangover: Part II."

    • The Joy Formidable

      The Joy Formidable are a three-piece band from North Wales. Their new album is The Big Roar and they rock hard.

  2. Tuesday, September 6: 0135

    • Kevin Nealon

      Did you know that our friend Kevin Nealon was trained as an orthodontist before getting into comedy? It's not true at all, but doesn't it FEEL right?

    • Aubrey Plaza

      We don't know what makes us more jealous of Aubrey Plaza: her awesome, sardonic sense of humor, or the fact that she gets to kiss Chris Pratt on "Parks and Recreation."

    • Lindsey Buckingham

      Lindsey Buckingham plays us a song off of his new album, Seeds We Sow. And unlike "What's Up With That," we would never bump him from the schedule.

  3. Wednesday, September 7: 0136

    • Don Johnson

      Don Johnson plays a porn director in "Bucky Larson." We're already rolling up our blazer sleeves and slipping our sock less feet into our loafers in giddy anticipation.

    • Busy Philipps

      Busy Phillips character on "Cougar Town" might be our favorite-dim-but-hilarious BFF ever. She had us at her inexplicable hatred of Canadians.

    • Band of Horses

      Band of Horses have a new album, Mirage Rock. Please note, at no point did the band's line-up include Flicka, Mr. Ed, or Misty of Chincoteague.

  4. Thursday, September 8: 0137

    • Charlie Day

      Charlie Day stars in "Pacific Rim." as a scientific expert on giant monsters. Which is a natural transition from Green Man, of course.

    • Foo Fighters

      Fresh off their win at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Foo Fighters rock our house with a song off their new album, Wasting Light.