Show Schedule

September 12 - September 15, 2011

  1. Monday, September 12: 0138

    • Howie Mandel

      Howie Mandel hosts the new hidden camera show,"Deal With It." Howie's got a great record with shows titled "Deal" so we've got a good feeling about it.

    • Floyd Mayweather

      Before he steps back in the ring to take on Victor Ortiz live from Las Vegas on Saturday night, undefeated world champion boxer Floyd Mayweather stops by to preview the highly anticipated welterweight title pay-per-view showdown.

    • Alexander

      You love him from the bands Ima Robot and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros and now Alexander Ebert is going solo with his self-titled debut Alexander.

  2. Tuesday, September 13: 0139

    • Roseanne Barr

      Comedy icon and nut-trepreneur Roseanne Barr drops in to talk about the season finale "Roseanne's Nuts," and various other nut-related anecdotes. At this point, we're just purposely writing nuts to see how many times we can say "nuts" in one place. Nuts.

    • Pauly D

      Fresh from "Jersey Shore," Pauly D stops by to discuss Kant's Critique of Pure Reason and how the idea of the categorical imperative influenced the epistemology of Schopenhauer and Hegel. Nah, just kidding, he's gonna talk about drinking, fist-pounding and being fresh to death.

    • Baron Vaughn

      The intensely silly and unrelentingly hilarious Baron Vaughn has a new comedy album out now, Raised by Cable. Stop reading this and buy it now!

  3. Wednesday, September 14: 0140

    • Tyra Banks

      Supermodel, television personality and business impressario Tyra Banks stops by to talk about her new YA novel Modelland. When you read it, be sure that you smize while you do it. Tyra will know if you don't!

    • Glenn Howerton

      Glenn Howerton's character on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" likes to brag about his Ivy League education. We're quite secure with our two years at DeVry, thank you very much!

    • The Sklar Brothers

      The Sklar Brothers give their hilarious take on sports & pop culture on their podcast, Sklarbro Country, and now they're going to give us a taste of their fraternal funniness

  4. Thursday, September 15: 0141

    • Ashton Kutcher

      The brand-new star of "Two and a Half Men" comes by to talk about his new gig. Hey, whatever happened to the other guy? Man, I feel like no one talked about him at all.

    • Jeb Corliss

      Jeb Corliss is a fearless Wingsuit Pilot and all-around daredevil but even he can have a close call with disaster. We're almost too scared to hear how he cheated death this time.

    • Foo Fighters

      Fresh off their win at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Foo Fighters rock our house with a song off their new album, Wasting Light.