Show Schedule

October 3 - October 6, 2011

  1. Monday, October 3: Episode #0075 (Originally Broadcast 04/07/11)

    • Jack McBrayer

      It's the last season for Jack McBrayer on "30 Rock." Let's hope Kenneth the Page is running Kabletown by the final episode.

    • Colin Quinn

      Our good friend and SNL alum debuts his HBO special directed by Jerry Seinfeld, "Colin Quinn Long Story Short" on April 9th.

    • Hanson

      These three Grammy nominated Oklahoma brothers jammed out with us on tour over the summer, and will stop by to perform a song off their killer new album Shout It Out.

  2. Tuesday, October 4: Episode #0095 (Originally Broadcast 05/23/11)

    • Ken Jeong

      Ken Cheong returns in "The Hangover Part III" as the infamous gangster, Mr. Chow. Well, as infamous as you can get and still be named after a fuzzy puffball of a dog.

    • Rebel Wilson

      Rebel Wilson stars in "Super Fun Night." Trust us when we say any night with Rebel is a super fun night.

    • Yeasayer

      These indie pop rockers have played just about every music festival on earth. They made their debut with us in New York and we’re happy to welcome them back.

  3. Wednesday, October 5: Episode #0100 (Originally Broadcast 06/07/11)

    • Flavor Flav

      No one has been able to rock a clock necklace the way legendary rapper and TV personality Flavor Flav has for the past three decades. He's here to talk about his new memoir.

    • Curtis Stone

      "Around the World in 80 Plates" host Curtis Stone is jaw-droppingly handsome, has a charming Aussie accent and is a world-class chef. That sound you just heard was our Mom's heart exploding.

    • Tim Minchin

      The hilarious Tim Minchin might be our favorite Australian import since vegemite. But it's a lot harder to smear Tim Minchin on toast for breakfast.

  4. Thursday, October 6: Episode #0106 (Originally Broadcast 06/16/11)

    • Ryan Reynolds

      He's made us laugh in movies like "Just Friends" and "The Proposal." Now he's kicking some ass in the new DC superhero flick "Green Lantern."

    • Simon Pegg

      "Star Trek Into Darkness" star Simon Pegg is an unabashed nerd. He'd be the perfect judge for our Jawa Beauty Pageant! Just wait till you see the swimsuit competition...

    • Kyle Kinane

      The very funny Kyle Kinane has a new Comedy Central special & DVD called "Whiskey Icarus." It's our favorite booze & mythology combo since Gin Charybdis.