Show Schedule

November 7 - November 10, 2011

  1. Monday, November 7: Show 166

    • Adam Sandler

      Adam Sandler re-unites with Drew Barrymore for "Blended." It could literally be 90 minutes of them having a long lunch, and we'll be there first in line.

    • Christina Tosi

      Pastry chef and author of Momofuku Milk Bar teaches Conan how to make some sweet treats. And by "sweet" we mean both "sugary" and "totally awesome."

    • Joe Jonas

      Joe Jonas has gone solo and is here to play a track off his new album Fastlane.

  2. Tuesday, November 8: Show 167

    • Julie Bowen

      "Modern Family" star Julie Bowen is both incredibly funny and very beautiful. Way to make it harder for the rest of us, Julie.

    • Travis Rice

      "He's featured in the new snowboarding documentary "The Art of FLIGHT" and in the new SSX snowboarding video game. We think Travis Rice just needs to drop an acoustic album of American folk standards to complete the trifecta of total media domination.

    • Maria Bamford

      The amazing Maria Bamford stops by our studio. We already think she's ridiculously super-funny plus, Patton Oswalt called one of the most creative comedians working today; and who are we to disagree with Patton Oswalt??

  3. Wednesday, November 9: Show 168

    • Joel McHale

      Joel McHale stars in "Deliver Us From Evil" as a tough, experienced cop. He's armed with both a gun and a withering series of sarcastic insults.

    • Cheryl Hines

      On "We Need Help," Cheryl Hines plays an over-the-top version of herself with a luckless personal assistant. It's like "The Help" but with less racism and more celeb sex tapes.

    • Jesse Popp

      The hilarious Minnesota native Jesse Popp stops by our studio. We can only hope that like his fellow Minnesotan Prince, Jesse will rock the ass-less chaps on stage.

  4. Thursday, November 10: Show 169

    • Kirsten Dunst

      Not only did she get to make-out with Spider-Man, but Kirsten Dunst also won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival for "Melancholia" this year. It's like she's reading our dream journals or something...

    • Chris Hardwick

      Host of "The Talking Dead," Chris Hardwick braves the geek hordes at Comic Con each year. It's like war reporting, but with less mortar fire and more lightsabers.

    • Mariachi El Bronx

      Mariachi El Bronx stops by to play a cut from their eponymous album. Frankly, we're thrilled that we've got a band that not only can rock the drums and guitars but also the vihuela and the requinto jarocho.