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Show Schedule for December 1 - 7, 2011

December 1 - 7, 2011
  • Thursday, December 01: Show 177

    Harland Williams

    Harland Williams stars in "Back in the Day" which gets released in Indiana theaters one week before the rest of the country. NYC &​ LA, meet the new entertainment capitol of the world, Terre Haute.

    Laurie Kilmartin

    Sure Laurie Kilmartin is hilarious and was a top ten finalist on Season 8 of "Last Comic Standing," but did you know she was a competitive lap swimmer as well? It's true! She's totally gonna teach us the Australian crawl as soon as she's done with her set.

  • Monday, December 05: Show 178

    Alec Baldwin

    We will gladly donate a trillion dollars to Alec Baldwin's favorite charity if he calls us "Lemon" and then berates us for being poor and not loving Ronald Reagan sufficiently. Or we could just watch "30 Rock" and paste a Polaroid of our face over Tina Fey. That might be cheaper.

  • Tuesday, December 06: Show 179

    Tig Notaro

    Tig Notaro left Texas after she dropped out of high school, but she returns with a Grammy nomination &​ an assistant credit on Xena: Warrior Princess, AKA the nerdy version of Walker: Texas Ranger.

  • Wednesday, December 07: Show 180

    Michael Moore

    Michael Moore has a new autobiography called Here Comes Trouble. We are shocked, shocked that Michael Moore has been troublemaker since way back. We also can't believe they took the word "gullible" out of the dictionary.

    Ellie Kemper

    "Sex Tape" star Ellie Kemper used to be an intern here on CONAN. So, clearly, if you intern on CONAN, you get on a Sex Tape. Wait, what?

    Sean Patton

    Sean Patton will be appearing at the Hell Yes Festival in New Orleans. Or, as our mother will insist on calling it, the H-E-Double-Hockey Stick Festival.