Show Schedule

December 19 - December 22, 2011

  1. Monday, December 19: Show 186

    • Seth MacFarlane

      "Ted" director Seth McFarlane is hosting the Oscars. What's the over-under on Stewie appearing and making fun of Steven Spielberg?

    • Elle Fanning

      Elle Fanning, the lovely young star of "We Bought a Zoo", pays us a visit. We don't want to brag about our linguistic skills, but did you know that Elle Fanning's name is French for "She Fanning?" Yup, we're practically fluent over here.

    • The Klezmatics

      They'll perform a new song of their album Live At Town Hall.

  2. Tuesday, December 20: Show 187

    • Patton Oswalt

      Patton Oswalt's new comedy special "Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time." We love comedy math.

    • Kevin Lee

      The fabulous Kevin Lee talks all about planning a fabulous wedding on "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." If we had to guess how Kevin is going to be on the show, we'd have to say...pretty fun.

    • Joe Mande

      The very funny Joe Mande was named one of "100 Jews to Watch" by Heeb Magazine, which is great when it comes from Heeb Magazine, but terrifying if it comes from just about anywhere else.

  3. Wednesday, December 21: Show 188

    • Charles Barkley

      Basketball legend Charles Barkley is just the man to give us the lowdown for the NCAA Final Four in Dallas. Our first question: any relation to the Fantastic Four? If so, which team is The Thing?

    • Marc Maron

      Marc Maron stars in "Maron" on IFC. We kinda wish there was an exclamation point at the end to make it seem like a 70s talk show, like "Dinah!"

    • John Pizzarelli

      The talented John Pizzarelli helps us celebrate the holiday season with a special Christmas performance here on our stage.

  4. Thursday, December 22: Show 189

    • Thomas Haden Church

      Yes, Matt Damon & Thomas Haden Church have starred in countless other critically-acclaimed movies, but we're choosing to view "We Bought a Zoo" as the inevitable showdown between Jason Bourne and The Sandman. Finally, our fan-fic has come true!

    • Claire Smith

      Our friend, Molecular Mixologist Claire Smith, can whip up some crazy drinks using the weirdest techniques. Our mixology skills usually tap out around "open can of PBR" and "drink can of PBR."

    • Glen Campbell

      Country music icon Glen Campbell plays us a song from his new album Ghost On The Canvas.