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Show Schedule for February 15 - 18, 2016

February 15 - 18, 2016
  • Monday, February 15: Episode #835 (Originally Broadcast 1/25/16)

    Mission Conan

    Conan travels with First Lady Michelle Obama, Grace Potter, &​ John Mulaney to entertain the troops at the Al Udeid Air Base.

  • Tuesday, February 16: Episode #809 (Originally Broadcast 11/18/15)

    John Cleese

    Comedic genius John Cleese's memoir So Anyway... is available in paperback. We're so in awe of him, we don't feel worthy to write this guest description.

    Michaela Watkins

    We're a big fan of "Casual" star Michaela Watkins, but we try to play it cool, you know, keep it really...what's the word? It's on the tip of tongue.

  • Wednesday, February 17: Episode #810 (Originally Broadcast 11/19/15)

  • Thursday, February 18: Episode #812 (Originally Broadcast 12/1/15)

    Tom Jones

    Musical legend Tom Jones new memoir is called Over the Top and Back: The Autobiography. We predict it'll be a thunderbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!

    Oliver Hudson

    Oliver Hudson stars in "Scream Queens," which also appropriately describe us while we're watching "Scream Queens."