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Show Schedule for April 27 - 30, 2015

April 27 - 30, 2015
  • Monday, April 27

  • Tuesday, April 28

    Zach Woods

    Just to impress "Silicon Valley" star Zach Woods, we’re gonna make sure the Team Coco site has optimal tip-to-tip efficiency.

    The Lone Bellow

    The Lone Bellow has been described as if The Civil Wars &​ Ray Montaigne had a music baby. Sounds about right to us. Their new album is Then Came The Morning.

  • Wednesday, April 29

    Matthew Perry

    We tape mere feet from where "Odd Couple star Matthew Perry filmed "Friends" on the WB lot. It'll be like a high school reunion only with more laughs and less awkward photos.

    Rose McIver

    The lovely Rose McIver stars in "iZombie" as a crime-solving undead mortician. She might be the only person on TV paler than Conan.

  • Thursday, April 30

    January Jones

    We're so excited that "Mad Men" star January Jones is here that we're gonna have Andy dress in a powder-blue nightie and shoot at pigeons with pellet rifle in tribute.