Show Schedule

January 9 - January 12, 2012

  1. Monday, January 9: Show 193

    • Seth Green

      Seth Green is the creator of "Robot Chicken," the best thing to happen to old 80s action figures since eBay.

    • David Cross

      David Cross is the star of "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret." We want to say more but we ran out of space after writing "The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret" twice.

    • Gavin DeGraw

      Gavin DeGraw's new album is Make a Move, which is what we tend to do when we listen to it. We're slaves to the rhythm!

  2. Tuesday, January 10: Show 194

    • Chelsea Handler

      Chelsea Handler's Uganda Be Kidding Me is our favorite Africa pun book title since Ghana Have A Great Time Tonight.

    • Billy Eichner

      Funny or Die's "Billy on the Street" combines our two favorite things: trivia and yelling at strangers.

    • Doyle and Debbie

      The Doyle & Debbie Show is a hilarious (and heartfelt!) salute to country music. It's twangy, it's's twangtastic!

  3. Wednesday, January 11: Show 195

    • Jack McBrayer

      It's the last season for Jack McBrayer on "30 Rock." Let's hope Kenneth the Page is running Kabletown by the final episode.

    • Justin Verlander

      Detroit Tigers ace and 2011 AL Cy Young Award winner Justin Verlander graces the cover of "MLB 2K12." So much for our write-in votes for Rollie Fingers. AGAIN.

    • Dwayne Perkins

      Dwayne Perkins's new book, Hot Chocolate For The Mind is out now on Amazon. Look for our book, Tepid Latte For The Sinuses at garage sales everywhere.

  4. Thursday, January 12: Show 196

    • Ricky Gervais

      Ricky Gervais stars in "Muppets Most Wanted." We're dying to know what Fozzie's like off-set. Is he always on or does he chill out off-camera?

    • Wladimir Klitschko

      World Heavyweight Boxing Champ Wladimir Klitschko's new documentary "Klitschko" chronicles the brothers' rise to boxing megastardom; it's great but we'd put an exclamation at the end, like "Oklahoma!"

    • James Durbin

      James Durbin's new album is called Celebrate. That's a command we can get behind, James.