Show Schedule

January 23 - January 26, 2012

  1. Monday, January 23: Show 201

    • Casey Anderson

      Animal expert and star of "America the Wild" Casey Anderson once raised a grizzly bear from a cub. Meanwhile, we had trouble keeping our goldfish alive more than 3 months.

    • Morena Baccarin

      The lovely Morena Baccarin stars in "Homeland." We still kinda hope that, in a stunning twist, she turns out to be Queen of the Space Lizards, just for old time's sake. Or maybe a Space Escort!

    • Wilco

      Alt-rock legends Wilco's new album is The Whole Love which also accurately describes the amount of affection we have for them.

  2. Tuesday, January 24: Show 202

    • Sam Worthington

      Sam Worthington stars in the new thriller, "Man on a Ledge." Don’t jump, Sam! This isn’t Pandora and there’s no flying Ikran to catch you! /hugeAvatardork

    • Whipcracker Adam Winrich

      World Champion Whipcracker Adam Winrich has a neat trick where he soaks a whip in gas and then snaps it so hard, it lights on fire. We can’t imagine how it could possibly go wrong in our studio!

    • Julia Nunes

      Julia Nunes has a new album called Settle Down. We hope she doesn’t have to pay royalties to the kindergarten teachers of America over the title.

  3. Wednesday, January 25: Show 203

    • Elizabeth Banks

      Elizabeth Banks stars in "Pitch Perfect" as an off-kilter commentator at an international a capella competition. Boy, talk about being typecast!

    • Timothy Olyphant

      Timothy Olyphant is the very handsome star of "Justified" which we just learned is not an action-drama about font placement. If you want that, you’ll have to read our spec script, "Sans Serif."

    • John Mulaney

      John Mulaney has a new Comedy Central special, "John Mulaney: New in Town." John's a big "Law & Order" fan, so we can only hope it every joke opens with a "Chung-Chung!" sound effect.

  4. Thursday, January 26: Show 204

    • Cuba Gooding Jr.

      Cuba Gooding, Jr. plays a WWII fighter pilot in "Red Tails". If you thought he was intense in "Jerry Maguire," wait till you see him shooting eight .50-caliber machine guns at Nazis.

    • Jon Heder

      Jon Heder stars in the new animated version of "Napoleon Dynamite". We’re stocking the green room with tater tots in his honor.

    • They Might Be Giants

      Michael Cera has a guest appearance on They Might Be Giant’s new album, Join Us; we’re not sure, but we think he provides the sound of awkwardly shuffling feet and a hoodie being zipped.