Show Schedule

February 6 - February 9, 2012

  1. Monday, February 6: Show 209

    • Kristen Bell

      Kristen Bell stars in "House of Lies,". We're still waiting for that crucial "House of Lies"/"International House of Pancakes" cross-over episode for sweeps.

    • Bret McKenzie

      Bret McKenzie wrote all of the songs from "The Muppets" and now he's nominated for an Oscar! He's pretty much our favorite import from New Zealand since Frodo Baggins.

    • John Roy

      John Roy is a born-and-bred Chicagoan. We hope he tags his jokes by growling "That's the Chicago way!" in a bad-ass Scottish burr.

  2. Tuesday, February 7: Show 210

    • Dr. Phil McGraw

      Dr. Phil has helped out thousands of people with his no-nonsense diagnoses. Meanwhile, our show has a strict all-nonsense policy. We smell trouble!

    • Keegan-Michael Key

      "Key & Peele" star Keegan-Michael Key is known for his many celebrity impressions, including Barack Obama & Seal. We'd pay good money to see President Obama serenade Michelle with "Kiss From a Rose."

    • Alabama Shakes

      Super-duper buzz band Alabama Shakes are making their TV debut with us. Their forthcoming album is called Boys & Girls, which smartly appeals to their 3 main demo groups: boys, girls, and ampersands.

  3. Wednesday, February 8: Show 211

    • Martin Short

      Martin Short has given the world Ed Grimley, Ned Nederlander, & Jiminy Glick. As far as we're concerned, he's as big a hero as Jonas Salk, only with less needles.

    • Jon Bernthal

      Jon Bernthal has gone from killing zombies in "The Walking Dead" to gaming the stock market in "Wolf of Wall Street." Stockbrokers might be even scarier than zombies now that we think about it.

    • Dr. Dog

      Psychedelic rockers Dr. Dog have a new album, Enter the Void. And in case you're wondering, we're still working on our Domino's Pizza tribute album, Enter the Noid.

  4. Thursday, February 9: Show 212

    • Carol Burnett

      Comedy Icon Carol Burnett stars in the "The Secret World of Arrietty." We don't know about you, but we're gonna be tugging the heck out of our own ear the whole time she's here.

    • Jon Glaser

      Adult Swim's "Delocated"is all about a man in witness protection who also has his own reality show. We can think of at least one big problem right off the bat.

    • Graffiti6

      London-based pop-rockers Graffiti6 have a new album called Colours. That extra U is the typographical equivalent of driving on the left side of the road; it lets you know they're super-English!