Show Schedule

March 26 - March 29, 2012

  1. Monday, March 26: Full Episode - Mon. 3/26 - Kristin Chenoweth, Liam Hemsworth, and comedian Moshe Kasher

    • Kristin Chenoweth

      The very busy Kristin Chenoweth stars in both "Rio 2" & the 100th episode of "Glee." She's like a non-stop singing machine.

    • Liam Hemsworth

      Liam Hemsworth moves from District 12 to high-tech corporate espionage in "Paranoia." It's the one place that might be more bloodthirsty that the Hunger Games.

    • Moshe Kasher

      The hilarious Moshe Kasher has a new book Kasher in the Rye. Let's hope Mosher doesn't pull a Salinger and disappear into a puff of hermetic smoke; he's too funny to be a shut-in!

  2. Tuesday, March 27: Show 234

    • Josh Hutcherson

      Josh Hutcherson plays Peeta, the heroic baker's son in "The Hunger Games". Which is much cooler than what we'd probably be, the asthmatic second-cousin of the comptroller.

    • Simon Pegg

      "Star Trek Into Darkness" star Simon Pegg is an unabashed nerd. He'd be the perfect judge for our Jawa Beauty Pageant! Just wait till you see the swimsuit competition...

    • Macy Gray

      Macy Gray's new album is Covered. It's also her favorite type of wagon, in case it comes up.

  3. Wednesday, March 28: Show 235

    • Dana Carvey

      Between the Church Lady, Garth & his Bush impression, we'd say Dana Carvey is a national treasure. Like the Washington Monument, but less limestone-y.

    • Mayim Bialik

      The lovely Mayim Bialik stars in "The Big Bang Theory." We're not gonna say that we had a "Blossom " poster growing up but we're not NOT gonna say it, if you get our drift.

    • Donovan

      The legendary Donovan is being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. If it comes to down to it, we learned how to play "Mellow Yellow" on the recorder in 6th grade & can totally bust it out now.

  4. Thursday, March 29: Show 236

    • Christian Slater

      Christian Slater stars in "Breaking In." We're gonna try not to recite every line of "Heathers" to him while he was here BUT NO PROMISES!

    • Eliza Coupe

      The beautiful and hilarious Eliza Coupe stars in "Happy Endings." We think the Eliza Coupe would be a great name for convertible that looks great, drives fast, and sometimes wears Hammer pants.

    • Galactic

      Galactic's new album is Carnivale Electricos, which sounds so cool. Makes us think of party robots throwing beads from giant paper-mache space floats.