Show Schedule

April 23 - April 26, 2012

  1. Monday, April 23: Show 249

    • Kathy Griffin

      Kathy Griffin has a new talk show on Bravo called "Kathy." We're a little sad that it doesn't have a 70's-style exclamation point at the end of it, like "Kathy!" It worked for Dinah Shore!

    • Morgan Spurlock

      Morgan Spurlock has a new documentary, "Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope" where he braves the nerd horde at Comic-Con. Comic-Con is like turn-of-the-century Ellis Island, only with more lightsabers.

    • Erin Foley

      Erin Foley made her TV debut with us last time. We're thrilled that she's come back, despite La Bamba's very messy "first-timers" hazing ritual. Fortunately, buttermilk washes right out.

  2. Tuesday, April 24: Show 250

    • Simon Helberg

      Simon Helberg is known for three things: starring in "The Big Bang Theory", his Nicolas Cage impression, & his award-winning BBQ sauce. We might only have time for the first two, though.

    • Jerry Crowley

      Jerry Crowley runs the Lardon food truck, a food truck that specializes in crazy bacon delicacies. Sorry, can't finish this description, we gotta go eat some of that bacon...

    • Haley Reinhart

      American Idol finalist Haley Reinhart's new album is Listen Up!. It's our favorite album/dad command since the Commodores released You Kids Be Quiet Back There or I'll Turn This Car Around!

  3. Wednesday, April 25: Show 251

    • Julia Louis-Dreyfus

      Julia Louis-Dreyfus stars as a foul-mouthed, faux-pas prone Vice President on "Veep." It's like if Joe Biden got crossed with Sarah Silverman.

    • Brian Posehn

      Brian Posehn stars in "Immortalized," a show all about the wacky world of taxidermy. How often do you think they hear the old "No lunch for me, I'm stuffed" joke?

    • Ben Kweller

      Singer-Songwriter Ben Kweller's new album is Go Fly a Kite. We never understood why that phrase is supposed to be an insult; who doesn't like to fly kites? It's fun! Like origami for the sky!

  4. Thursday, April 26: Show 252

    • Jack Black

      Our friend Jack Black stars in the black comedy, "Bernie," about an eccentric Texas millionaire and her strange gay mortician companion. Oh sure, that old story...

    • Simon Doonan

      Simon Doonan is the author of Gay Men Don't Get Fat. Great. Gay men dress better, dance better and now they don't get fat. Neil Patrick Harris, you have EVERYTHING!

    • Ingrid Michaelson

      Ingrid Michaelson's album is called Lights Out. It'd be great synergy if her tour could be sponsored by the Clapper.