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Show Schedule for May 7 - 10, 2012

May 7 - 10, 2012
  • Monday, May 07: Episode #251

    Metta World Peace

    Formerly known as Ron Artest, LA Laker Metta World Peace has such an inspirational new name. We're kinda lazy, so our new name would probably be "Tries To Recycle If It's Not Too Much Of A Thing."

    Matt Walsh

    Matt Walsh goes from dirty "Veep" politics to giant killer tornadoes in "Into the Storm." They're both pretty lethal when you think about it.

  • Tuesday, May 08: Episode #252

    Piers Morgan

    Irascible Brit Piers Morgan asks the tough questions on “Piers Morgan Tonight.” The toughest question we get asked is usually “Do we want to super-size that?” And our answer is always yes, yes, yes!

    Ben Falcone

    Ben Falcone’s new book is entitled Being A Dad Is Weird. If you’re worried he did something without Melissa McCarthy, don’t worry, she wrote the book’s foreword.

  • Wednesday, May 09: Episode #253

  • Thursday, May 10: Episode #254

    Tom Selleck

    Our pal, "Blue Bloods" star Tom Selleck, stops by the studio. Do you think if we ask him nicely, he'll get into a mustache fight with LaBamba? The smart money's on Selleck's `stache, but LaBamba's soup strainer is a scrapper with a lotta heart!

    Zosia Mamet

    Zosia Mamet stars in “Girls.” on HBO. If you come across something called “Girls! Girls! Girls!” on pay cable, we can assure you, it is NOT the same thing.