Show Schedule

May 14 - May 17, 2012

  1. Monday, May 14: Episode #194 (Originally Broadcast 1/10/12)

    • Chelsea Handler

      Chelsea Handler's Uganda Be Kidding Me is our favorite Africa pun book title since Ghana Have A Great Time Tonight.

    • Billy Eichner

      Funny or Die's "Billy on the Street" combines our two favorite things: trivia and yelling at strangers.

    • Doyle and Debbie

      The Doyle & Debbie Show is a hilarious (and heartfelt!) salute to country music. It's twangy, it's's twangtastic!

  2. Tuesday, May 15: Episode #255

    • Bill Maher

      Bill Maher takes down political buffoons from both sides on "Real Time." Fortunately for us, we're strict Bull Moose Partiers, so we're never offended.

    • Gregg Allman

      Musical legend Gregg Allman talks all about his incredible, crazy life in My Cross to Bear. Any book that talks about close friendships with Jimmy Carter AND Cher is A-OK in our eyes.

    • Hannibal Buress

      We must profess that Hannibal Buress is doing press for his new Comedy Central special "Live From Chicago" with great finesse, greater success and little stress . Yes.

  3. Wednesday, May 16: Episode #256

    • Liam Neeson

      Liam Neeson fights alien invaders in "Battleship." Can't he just use his lightsaber? Or call Batman? Or the rest of the A-Team?

    • Marc Maron

      Marc Maron stars in "Maron" on IFC. We kinda wish there was an exclamation point at the end to make it seem like a 70s talk show, like "Dinah!"

    • Brody Stevens

      The very funny Brody Stevens was once a guide at Radio City Music Hall. Like an Eskimo, we bet Brody has over 500 words for Rockettes' legs.

  4. Thursday, May 17: Episode #257

    • Wanda Sykes

      Our friend, the very funny Wanda Sykes, talks about being a mom to twins in her stand-up act. We hope & pray that she's got two "Sykes Tykes" t-shirts already made up for them. Because HELLO?ADORABLE.

    • Brooklyn Decker

      The gorgeous Brookyln Decker stars in the big screen adaptation of "Battleship". We don’t own a battleship, but she is welcome to sink our 1996 Toyota Corolla anytime.

    • Rufus Wainwright

      Rufus Wainwright’s done Judy at Carnegie, an opera at the Palace and now he’s got a great new album called Out of the Game. We love it already.