Show Schedule

May 21 - May 24, 2012

  1. Monday, May 21: Episode #203 (Originally Broadcast 1/25/12)

    • Elizabeth Banks

      Elizabeth Banks stars in "Pitch Perfect" as an off-kilter commentator at an international a capella competition. Boy, talk about being typecast!

    • Timothy Olyphant

      Timothy Olyphant is the very handsome star of "Justified" which we just learned is not an action-drama about font placement. If you want that, you’ll have to read our spec script, "Sans Serif."

    • John Mulaney

      John Mulaney has a new Comedy Central special, "John Mulaney: New in Town." John's a big "Law & Order" fan, so we can only hope it every joke opens with a "Chung-Chung!" sound effect.

  2. Tuesday, May 22: Episode #258

    • Tracy Morgan

      When "Rio 2" star Tracy Morgan is here, there's literally no telling what he'll bring up. We're pretty sure he lost his filter sometime in the 90s.

    • Bar Refaeli

      The exquisitely beautiful Bar Refaeli was the cover girl for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and just named #1 on Maxim's Hot 100. You can catch us on the cover of the swimsuit issue of Pasty White & Ashamed Weekly.

    • Trevor Boris

      Canadian comedian Trevor Boris has a new DVD, "Over Easy," out now & is making his U.S. television debut. U.S. audiences are just like Canadian ones but with less health care and thinner bacon.

  3. Wednesday, May 23: Episode #259

    • Howie Mandel

      Howie Mandel hosts the new hidden camera show,"Deal With It." Howie's got a great record with shows titled "Deal" so we've got a good feeling about it.

    • Alice Eve

      The beautiful Alice Eve stars in "Star Trek Into Darkness." possibly as a love interest for Captain Kirk. Or maybe she's Khan? Or a Klingon? We don't know, J.J. Abrams is VERY secretive!

    • John Ramsey

      John Ramsey was trained as an attorney before turning his talents to comedy. Make sense; juries are notoriously bad audiences. There were like ZERO laughs in "12 Angry Men."

  4. Thursday, May 24: Episode #260

    • Josh Brolin

      Josh Brolin plays a young Agent K in "Men in Black 3" set in 1969. Is it too much to hope that Agent K runs into Don Draper back then, or would that be too much hair pomade for one room to hold?

    • Alison Brie

      Alison Brie stars in our favorite comedy, "Community ", & our favorite drama, "Mad Men". If she knows all of Prince's songs too, it's proof that she was built in a lab as our Perfect Woman.

    • White Rabbits

      Indie rockers White Rabbits have a new album called Milk Famous. We long to be milk famous one day, but we think we’ll have settle for being yogurt notable.