Show Schedule

June 4 - June 7, 2012

  1. Monday, June 4: Episode #261

    • David Mizejewski

      National Wildlife Federation Naturalist & Animal Expert David Mizejewski has a bevy of wild 'n crazy animals to show off. Why can't we ever book a sleepy kitten expert? It'd be easier on our nerves.

    • Aaron Paul

      Aaron Paul did his own driving for "Need for Speed." We hope he wasn't as method for "Breaking Bad."

    • Neon Trees

      Neon Tree’s new album is Picture Show. Did you know the band's name is inspired by the famous neon logo for In 'n Out Burger? Much better inspiration than our band, ATM Inside.

  2. Tuesday, June 5: Episode #262

    • Charlize Theron

      The insanely talented Charlize Theron stars in "Prometheus," which is allegedly an "Alien" prequel. We are equal parts excited & TERRIFIED. Protect your beautiful face from the facehuggers, Charlize!

    • Curtis Stone

      "Around the World in 80 Plates" host Curtis Stone is jaw-droppingly handsome, has a charming Aussie accent and is a world-class chef. That sound you just heard was our Mom's heart exploding.

    • Bahamas

      Bahamas have a new album called Barchords. We just want to stress to our studio audience that Bahamas is an awesome band, not a free trip you’re all getting. We’re not Oprah, people!

  3. Wednesday, June 6: Episode #263

    • Jennifer Love Hewitt

      Jennifer Love Hewitt used to whisper to ghosts and now she massages guys on "The Client List." We bet the ghosts are upset they didn't realize they could ask for a massage too.

    • Breckin Meyer

      Breckin Meyer is the creator of "Men at Work." Please note, it's the funny sitcom on TBS, not the 80s Australian band. But it does make us hope that there's a kangaroo-based plot line in future episodes.

    • JD McPherson

      JD McPherson’s new album is Signs and Signifiers. To get that authentic rockabilly sound, JD used vintage mics. We’re gonna tell people our ’96 Corolla gives us that authentic rockabilly drive.

  4. Thursday, June 7: Episode #264

    • Chris Hemsworth

      Sorry to disappoint you Marvel fans, but after "Thor: The Dark World" star Chris Hemsworth's segment, there won't be a special post-credits scene of Nick Fury recruiting Conan to the Avengers.

    • Malin Akerman

      The beautiful Malin Akerman stars in "Trophy Wife." It's a little unfair that Malin is both gorgeous AND hilarious. You're ruining it for the rest of us, Malin!

    • Jonah Ray

      The very funny Jonah Ray’s new CD, Hello, Mr. Magic Plane Person, Hello is out now. Frankly, we can’t improve on that title, so we’re just gonna quietly leave.