Show Schedule

June 18 - June 21, 2012

  1. Monday, June 18: Episode #269

    • Martin Short

      Martin Short has given the world Ed Grimley, Ned Nederlander, & Jiminy Glick. As far as we're concerned, he's as big a hero as Jonas Salk, only with less needles.

    • Aubrey Plaza

      We don't know what makes us more jealous of Aubrey Plaza: her awesome, sardonic sense of humor, or the fact that she gets to kiss Chris Pratt on "Parks and Recreation."

    • The Spring Standards

      The Spring Standards have a new album called yellow/gold. We heartily endorse their awesomness, not least because they have a harmonica AND a glockenspiel in the band.

  2. Tuesday, June 19: Episode #270

    • Sharon Osbourne

      Sharon Osbourne co-hosts "The Talk". Or, as Ozzy calls it, "The Taaaaaaaaaaaalk."

    • Ashley Fiolek

      Not only is the amazing Ashley Fiolek the 2011 Women's Motocross Champion but she's also been deaf since birth. Suddenly our ability to burp the alphabet looks even smaller in comparison.

    • Chad Daniels

      The hilarious Chad Daniels has a funny bit about Jesus and the 12 Apostrophes. It would make the strict grammarian nuns who taught us laugh until their wimples crumpled.

  3. Wednesday, June 20: Episode #271

    • Governor Mitt Romney's Sons

      We snagged all five of Gov. Mitt Romney's sons--Tagg, Matt, Josh, Ben & Craig Romney. If they just had four more Romneys, they could field their own baseball team.

    • Rob Corddry

      Did you know that "Seeking a Friend For the End of the World" star Rob Corddry was an Eagle Scout? We had no idea they gave out merit badges for wise-guyery...

    • Shinedown

      Shinedown's new album is Amaryllis. Amaryllis is a type of flower, also known as a "naked lady." Well played, Shinedown, well played indeed.

  4. Thursday, June 21: Episode #272

    • Seth Meyers

      Sure, he's the head writer on "SNL" & the anchor of "Weekend Update," but we think Seth's crowning achievement is playing Disgruntled Dork in "The Adventures of Big Handsome Guy and his Little Friend"

    • Jordana Brewster

      Jordana Brewster stars in the new "Dallas." Since it's 2012, they might have to change "Who Shot JR?" to "Who De-Friended JR on Facebook?"

    • The Avett Brothers

      The Avett Brothers are what happens when you dip bluegrass in a little rock 'n roll, wrap it in some indie-folk and then sprinkle some punk dust on it. Meaning, THEY'RE AWESOME.