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Show Schedule for July 16 - 19, 2012

July 16 - 19, 2012
  • Monday, July 16: Episode #277

    Cristela Alonzo

    Not only is Cristela Alonzo a hilarious comedian, but she also appears in one scene in "Sons of Anarchy." Welcome to our show, Cristela, PLEASE DON'T SHOOT US AND LEAVE US FOR DEAD.

  • Tuesday, July 17: Episode #278

    Elijah Wood

    In "Wilfred", only Elijah Wood can see or hear an Australian accented guy in a dog suit. That’s odd; usually the talking dogs we know speak in a French accent.

    Claire Smith

    Our friend, Molecular Mixologist Claire Smith, can whip up some crazy drinks using the weirdest techniques. Our mixology skills usually tap out around "open can of PBR" and "drink can of PBR."

  • Wednesday, July 18: Episode #279

    Ringling Bros. "Globe of Steel"

    For the first time, the good folks at Ringling Bros. will have EIGHT motorcycles speedily circling around in their Globe of Steel. We'll be watching through our terrified fingers.

  • Thursday, July 19: Episode #280

    Freida Pinto

    We know it came out last summer, but we’re hoping "Trishna" star Freida Pinto can introduce us to the monkeys from "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." They seemed fun!