Show Schedule

July 23 - July 26, 2012

  1. Monday, July 23: Episode #281

    • Kevin Nealon

      Did you know that our friend Kevin Nealon was trained as an orthodontist before getting into comedy? It's not true at all, but doesn't it FEEL right?

    • Ashley Benson

      Ashley Benson stars in "Pretty Little Liars." We could totally co-star in that show, even though we’re neither pretty nor little. We’re great liars, though; just ask our beautiful wife, Halle Berry!

    • Beth Stelling

      The very funny Beth Stelling was named a "New Face of Comedy" at the Just For Laughs Festival. And meanwhile, here we are, sitting around with our old faces, like CHUMPS.

  2. Tuesday, July 24: Episode #282

    • Eric McCormack

      In "Perception", Eric McCormack plays a paranoid schizophrenic neurosurgeon who helps the FBI solve crimes. Man, if we had a nickel each time we heard that plot…

    • Eric Andre

      The very funny Eric Andre stars in "The Eric Andre Show." Call us a conspiracy theorist, but that is a pretty eerie coincidence.

    • The xx

      The xx have a new album called Coexist. Or should that be Coexxist?

  3. Wednesday, July 25: Episode #283

    • Kate Beckinsale

      The incredibly beautiful Kate Beckinsale stars in a remake of "Total Recall." And just like that, we're first in line for tickets.

    • Doug Fine

      Doug Fine is the author of the fascinating new book, Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution. We better be sure to stock extra snacks in the green room…

    • Tennis

      Tennis' new album is Young & Old, which, we must warn you, is NOT that compilation of duets between Neil Young and Gary Oldman we've been waiting for.

  4. Thursday, July 26: Episode #284

    • Ben Stiller

      In "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" Ben Stiller has a vivid fantasy life where he dreams of doing fantastic things, including appearing on CONAN. OMG! The dream is coming true, Ben!

    • Olivia Munn

      Olivia Munn stars in Aaron Sorkin's new drama "The Newsroom." We wonder how much stretching she needs to do to limber up for the "walking and talking" scenes?

    • Flo Rida

      Flo Rida has a new album, Wild Ones. Inspired by Flo Rida, we’ll be rapping under our new name, Cal Ifornia, featuring guest vocals by Miss Ouri .