Show Schedule

July 30 - August 2, 2012

  1. Monday, July 30: Episode #285

    • Colin Farrell

      Colin Farrell stars in "Dead Man Down." Colin is our favorite Irishman, next to Conan and the Lucky Charms leprechaun.

    • Angie Harmon

      In "Rizzoli & Isles", the beautiful Angie Harmon plays a tough-as-nails Boston cop. As opposed to Conan, who is a girly-as-ruffles Boston fop. They'll get along great!

    • thenewno2

      Thenewno2 have a new album called thefearofmissingout. Man, some folks will do anything to save character space on their Tweets.

  2. Tuesday, July 31: Episode #286

    • Jeff Daniels

      Jeff Daniels stars in "The Newsroom", which is all about a high-pressured show on basic cable. It's just like our show, except instead of oil spills, most of our crises are about masturbating bears.

    • Chantal Sutherland

      Not only is jockey Chantal Sutherland the first woman to win the prestigious Hollywood Gold Cup, but she rides a horse named "Game On Dude." Just like that, we're in love.

    • The Fray

      The Fray have a new album called Scars and Stories. We think it's Fray-bulous! Wow; we can somehow hear you groan through our computer screen.

  3. Wednesday, August 1: Episode #287

    • Jon Cryer

      Jon Cryer tapes "Two and a Half Men" just down the street from us. Sorry about blasting all that loud reggaeton music, Jon, but that's how Andy Richter likes to party!

    • Moon Bloodgood

      Moon Bloodgood stars in "Falling Skies." We're sorry to break it to you, Benedict Cumberbatch, but we're afraid you no longer have the coolest name.

    • Jason Mraz

      Jason Mraz's new album is Love is a Four Letter Word. Yeah, that's totally what we yelled at the guy who cut us off in traffic today. Go love yourself, we screamed.

  4. Thursday, August 2: Episode #288

    • Will Ferrell

      Will Ferrell is the king of the anchor's desk, the race track and Santa's workshop, and sometime he finds time to stop by and give Conan a shave.

    • Tenacious D

      The rockingly hilarious Tenacious D have a new album called Rize of the Fenix. It's giving spellcheckers nationwide a hart atak.