Show Schedule

August 6 - August 9, 2012

  1. Monday, August 6: Episode #289

    • Eric Stonestreet

      This season on "Modern Family's", Eric Stonestreet's character got engaged to be married. TV weddings always make us TV cry.

    • Dominic Monaghan

      The wonderful Dominic Monaghan stars in the gritty post-apocalyptic thriller "The Day." They're usually pretty grim and gritty, but do you think there'll ever be a fun, fluffy post-apocalyptic Rom-Com?

    • Norah Jones

      Oh, Norah Jones. You sang "Come Away With Me" and we kept yelling, "OK! We'd love to!" but we don't think you heard us through the radio. Her new album is Little Broken Hearts.

  2. Tuesday, August 7: Episode #290

    • Lisa Kudrow

      The lovely Lisa Kudrow stars as an online shrink in "Web Therapy." If Skype freezes up, do you think you still have to pay for the full hour?

    • Vince Gilligan

      Not only is Vince Gilligan the creator of "Breaking Bad" but he was a producer on "The X-Files." Having Mulder and Scully bust Walter White just shot to the top of our wish list.

    • Grouplove

      Grouplove's new album is Spreading Rumours, which you might think is rude, but it spelled British-style with a U, so it's actually super-classy.

  3. Wednesday, August 8: Episode #291

    • Steve Carell

      Steve Carrell stars as a washed-up magician in "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone." It's always sad when a down-on-his luck magician has his doves repossessed.

    • Ronda Rousey

      Ronda Rousey takes on Sarah Kaufman for the Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Championship August 18 AND she's featured in a SHOWTIME special All Access: Ronda Rousey. She's a busy, ass-kicking lady.

    • Ziggy Marley

      Ziggy Marley's new album is Fly Rasta, which would be a great name for a Jamaican airline.

  4. Thursday, August 9: Episode #292

    • Matt LeBlanc

      Matt LeBlanc stars as "Matt LeBlanc" in "Episodes". It's the role he was born to play! No, we mean literally.

    • Travis Pastrana

      Travis Pastrana's "Nitro Circus: The Movie" is in eye-popping 3D. If you were any closer to the action, they'd probably make you sign a waiver.

    • Andy Haynes

      The hilarious Andy Haynes is a born & bred Pacific Northwestern. He's got an awesome coffee bean-crusted salmon served in a bed of flannel shirt that is too good for words.