Show Schedule

August 27 - August 30, 2012

  1. Monday, August 27: Episode #293

    • Dax Shepard

      Not only is "Parenthood" star Dax Shepard a terrifically funny actor, he's also crossword writers' favorite celebrity since Axl Rose.

    • Wendy Williams

      Wendy Williams has got a brand new set on "The Wendy Williams Show" this season. So long as she’s got her signature diva fan, we’ll be there!

    • Silversun Pickups

      Silversun Pickups named their band after making trips to particular liquor store. Our band would have to be named “Overpriced Cupcake Run.” Their album Neck of the Woods is out now.

  2. Tuesday, August 28: Episode #294

    • Isla Fisher

      Isla Fisher stars in "Bachelorette," a movie all about a wild, hedonistic bachelorette party. There's no rose ceremony, but there IS a lot liquor and vomiting. Which is even better, in our opinion.

    • Dean Norris

      Whenever we see "Under the Dome" star Dean Norris, all we can do is hope that somebody found poor Hank Schrader's body in "Breaking Bad."

    • Andrew W.K.

      Andrew WK has a new 10th anniversary edition of I Get Wet. We can't talk; we’re too busy training so when Andrew comes, we can party hard enough to keep up. It's like a marathon but with an open bar.

  3. Wednesday, August 29: Episode #295

    • Kristen Bell

      Kristen Bell stars in "House of Lies,". We're still waiting for that crucial "House of Lies"/"International House of Pancakes" cross-over episode for sweeps.

    • Rebel Wilson

      Rebel Wilson stars in "Super Fun Night." Trust us when we say any night with Rebel is a super fun night.

    • Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen

      Owl City & Carly Rae Jepsen sing our jam of the summer, "Good Time." It's so catchy & summery, the download should really come with a coupon for sunscreen & lemonade. The Midsummer Station is out now.

  4. Thursday, August 30: Episode #296

    • Kyra Sedgwick

      Kyra Sedgwick stars in "The Possession," as a woman who buys a cursed antique box at a yard sale. We wonder if the good people at "Antique Roadshow" might've been able to avert this whole tragedy.

    • Mike Birbiglia

      Mike Birbiglia new stand-up special is called "My Girlfriend's Boyfriend." Sounds like it should be filed under the "It's Complicated" Facebook relationship status.

    • Dominic Dierkes

      Derrick Comedy and "Mystery Team" star Dominic Dierkes was a Fulbright Scholar at NYU. Despite that, we're still quite proud of our degree in refrigerator repair from DeVry, thanks very much.