Show Schedule

September 17 - September 20, 2012

  1. Monday, September 17: Episode #304

  2. Tuesday, September 18: Episode #305

    • Chris Colfer

      Did you know that "Glee's" Chris Colfer is an expert at wielding sais, the deadly martial arts dagger? Frankly, we think most showtunes could use more lethal weaponry; imagine "Cats" with flamethrowers!

    • Adam Scott

      Adam Scott stars in "A.C.O.D." which stands for Adult Children of Divorce. Sorry to any fans of the popular web series Action Chicken of Detroit; no movie for you just yet.

    • Nikki Glaser

      Nikki Glaser is a born-and-bred Kansan. Or is it Kansasian? Kansite? Look, she's very funny and she's from Kansas and let's not get bogged down in geographical semantics.

  3. Wednesday, September 19: Episode #306

    • Simon Helberg

      Simon Helberg is known for three things: starring in "The Big Bang Theory", his Nicolas Cage impression, & his award-winning BBQ sauce. We might only have time for the first two, though.

    • Anna Kendrick

      Anna Kendrick's song "Cups" from "Pitch Perfect" is still charting on Billboard. It's our favorite use of a drink container as a percussive instrument since Lil Wayne hit his goblet against the mic accidentally.

    • Delta Rae

      Folksters Delta Rae have three siblings in their six-person band. Does it counts as sibling rivalry if they fight to see who can rock the hardest? Their album is Carry the Fire.

  4. Thursday, September 20: Episode #307

    • Ricky Gervais

      Ricky Gervais stars in "Muppets Most Wanted." We're dying to know what Fozzie's like off-set. Is he always on or does he chill out off-camera?

    • Tig Notaro

      Tig Notaro left Texas after she dropped out of high school, but she returns with a Grammy nomination & an assistant credit on Xena: Warrior Princess, AKA the nerdy version of Walker: Texas Ranger.

    • Frank Turner

      Frank Turner based his album, England Keep My Bones, off a Shakespeare play. We think we heard LMFAO are doing the exact same thing.